Hello Hampton Community and Welcome Spring 2020!

The grounds workers will be out starting regular maintenance in the shrubs and beds starting the week of May 11/20. We finalized the flower pot bloom selections in late February, and they are ready for our community enjoyment. After such a grim past few months the flowers will once again bring cheer and beauty to our community. Our latest update is that you can expect to see the flowers after the long May long weekend, providing this nice warm weather stays.

Please observe social distancing and give these workers the safe space and distance they need to protect themselves, you, your children and pets.

We noticed some residents have been picking up litter during their walks. It is so nice to see community pride. Last year we installed several more litter barrels throughout the common areas to help us keep our grounds beautiful.

Lastly, the fountain in the 199 street pond is now running and even more beautiful in the evening. Take a stroll (or drive) and check it out.

Stay healthy and safe, everyone.

The Hamptons HOA Board of Directors