Pre-Authorized HOA Payments

The Board of Directors of The Hamptons South East Edmonton Homeowners Association is looking into the feasibility of the use of Pre-Authorized Payments (PAP) for our Home Owners to pay their annual dues.

A letter was mailed out to all Registered Home Owners in the middle of January and if we have sufficient interest in this, we can add PAP to the various ways to pay your HOA dues.

In order to make this happen, and simplify the annual payment process, we do need a core of interested parties to make use of the PAP system to make the setup worthwhile. This in-turn will reduce repeated annual administration overheads, as we are always looking for ways and means to keep our HOA fees reasonable, especially in these challenging times.

There are two forms that need to be completed:

1) A form that authorizes us to send you email notifications of debits about to happen, and confirmations for when they do happen, in accordance with Canada’s email anti-spam laws.

2) The PAP authorization form itself that needs to be filled in, with a voided blank cheque so the system can be set up accurately.

Please click on the images below to download the forms:

The Board of Directors would like to Thank those residents that are up to date with their HOA fees and always help do their part to make

The Hamptons one of the best neighborhoods in Edmonton to raise a family.

For more details on the HOA Fees and Rates, visit the FAQ page.