Bylaws and Architectural Guidelines for Our Community

New Shingles Information

When The Hamptons was still an idea on paper, the Developer decided that in order to convey a sense of uniformity and continuity to all the homes in the Neighbourhood, there would be some items that are common to all of the homes and it would be mandatory for all homes constructed in The Hamptons to feature. (These original design guidelines can all be found on our this website on our Guidelines page.)

One of these commonly used items was the Style, Colour, Design and Brand of the roof shingle. The original shingles specified for use in The Hamptons was IKO Brand organic shingles, Cathedral XL series in Shalestone colour. These shingles provided many homes across North America and all of our Hamptons homeowners with years of protection from the weather elements. As time wore on, the shingles eventually began to required replacement.

The original shingles were discontinued by the manufacturer and as such, a suitable replacement would have to be found. The search for a new shingle specification began in 2016 and took several months to complete. The Board took it upon themselves to find a replacement that would, as closely as possible, replicate the Style, Colour, and Design of the original specification to carry on the uniformity and continuity as envisioned by the Developer. 

The Board met with various roofing shingle manufacturer representatives and suppliers and came to the conclusion that the shingles that most closely matched the originals were IKO Laminate, Cambridge Collection shingles in the Weatherwood colour.

These shingles offered better longevity and improved features over the original shingles while maintaining a comparable price point.

In order to change the Design Guidelines, the Board met with an attorney to ensure that the amendment would be legally binding and as a result, The Hamptons now has a new specification for shingles.

Please click on this link to be taken to the IKO website to view more information regarding the amended mandatory shingles for The Hamptons (please note that only the Weatherwood colour is applicable):


Sample image of Cambridge Collection shingle, colour: Weatherwood