**Reminder, May 31 of every year is the due date for your Homeowners Association fees. They are $150 annually for homes and $75 for apartment style condos**

Priority Credit Management
The Board of Directors of The Hamptons South East Edmonton Homeowners Association has voted to use Priority Credit Management (PCM) to aid in the recovery of outstanding Homeowners Fees from residents that are in arrears.

This procedure is in 3 parts.

  1. Arrears recovery letters/Skip Tracing/Credit Bureau reporting after 60 days of notice.
  2. Caveat filing and mortgage holder location and letter sequence
  3. Legal: Small Claims action, Notice to Force Sale, Foreclosure on the property.

These are all legal possibilities in accordance with the encumbrance registered against all properties in The Hamptons HOA.

This topic was discussed with those in attendance at the 2018 Annual General Meeting and the unanimous opinion was that this is a logical next step. We all need to contribute to this neighbourhood so we can all share in the enjoyment of this wonderful community.

The cost of these next steps are all borne by the residents that are behind in their HOA fees and the costs escalate quickly.

If you are in arrears or think you may be, please contact the HOA property management company (Esquire) at 780-414-0390 to check your balance and clear it up as quickly as possible to avoid further costs.

On August 1st. of each year, outstanding fees, that are overdue for 2 or more years, will be turned over for arrears recovery to Priority Credit Recovery, and all costs, interest and recovery fees will be the responsibility of the property owner.


The Board of Directors would like to Thank those residents that are up to date with their HOA fees and always help do their part to make

The Hamptons one of the best neighborhoods in Edmonton to raise a family.

For more details on the HOA Fees and Rates, visit the FAQ page.