Over the last 2 years The Hamptons Home Owners Association has been working on repairing and painting fences that face the bus routes, major roadways, (45 Ave., 204 St. to Winterburn Rd. & facing Winterburn Rd.) and footpaths in our Neighbourhood. The summer of 2018 will mark the end of the first complete pass through the Hamptons since our Neighbourhood was built.

The fences are being repaired, mostly cross piece replacement and some board replacement, complete pressure washing and then 2 coats of the Hamptons color paint will be applied (Burnished Pewter by Cloverdale Paint #8327). This years portion to be completed in spring and summer 2018 will be along 45th Avenue to Winterburn Road and then north along Winterburn to the start of Copperwood fencing, approximately 1.2 Kms or 3950 linear feet.

Once this is complete, the Board will observe how the fences, in the maintenance program, are holding up to the elements to determine when to restart the fence maintenance program.